Freelance Projects




TEDx Talks – Yellowknife (Tłı̨chǫ Gov't)

Editing of Traditional Knowledge Symposium with Grand Chief Eddie Erasmus, Wade Davis, Joseph Judas, Jimmy B Rabesca, and others. Tedx talks with: George Nicholas, Susanne Stewart, Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, Paul Nadasdy, George Dei, Tim Ingold. Host: Richard Van Camp



TEDx Talks – Yellowknife (PIDO Productions)

Camera operating for Traditional Knowledge Issues are discussed by scholars and First Nations people 

Gahcho Kue Site (Mountain Province Diamonds)

Camera operation

Jason Kenney in YK (CP Photo Assignment Services)

Camera operation 



Two Ways of Knowing (Wek'eezhii Renewable Resources Board)

Editing a profile of a summer fish camp for Dene youth

National Medical Conference (CBC & CTV)

Camera operation and IT

Our Dene Elders

Archival project digitizing & re-editing episodes of a TV series with new interviews, and authoring an 18 DVD boxed set in 5 NWT languages. Client: Yellowknife Catholic School Board

2009 - 2010

Our Dene Elders

Post production for 26 TV episodes. Camera operation (Colville Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Yellowknife, Hay River). Client: Native Communications Society of the Northwest Territories for Aboriginal People's Television Network (APTN)


Our Dene Elders

Archival project digitizing & re-editing 175 episodes of a TV series and authoring a 35 DVD boxed set in 6 NWT languages. Client: Yellowknife Catholic School Board

Vancouver Olympics (GNWT)

Camera operation on Northern Games in Inuvik

Baker Creek Remediation

Filming the above and underwater story of the return of life to Baker creek (also Colomac Mine)


You Won't Regret It

Camera operation on Dene-language (South Slavey) Public Service Announcement on Smoking Cessation. Client: Native Communications Society of the NWT.


Diavik Diamond Mine

Camera operation, progress shooting



Arctic Winter Games (CBC)

Design and editing of 40 PSAs



Northern Aviation Heritage Museum

Camera operation and editing

Fur Fashion Video (GNWT)



Deline Uranium Project

Camera operation & sound



Mackenzie River Basin Video


NTCL PSA (Dennis Allen Productions)




Northwest Passage (Sector Watches)

Betacam operation   

Energy PSAs (GNWT)

DOP, Betacam operation


Up in Smoke (GNWT)

Directing & writing

JSL PSA (Howard & Associates)

Betacam operation

Beringia (Logan Video - Yukon)

DOP, 16mm Film camera operator 

YTV (CTV Network)

Betacam operation

Land of the Midnight Sun (King Motion Pictures)  

Betacam operation   

Alive and Well (TV Northern Canada)

Betacam operation



Elders PSA (Swan Productions)

Betacam operation


Health Videos (GNWT)

Betacam operation



Science Institute Vignettes (GNWT)

Betacam operation

Aboriginal Language Literacy

Betacam operation  

Vignettes (Lone Woolf Productions)

Betacam operation



The Tube (TV Northern Canada)

Betacam operation

Road To Rae (Line Out Productions)

DOP, film camera operation

Inuit Circumpolar Conference (AMWAY)

Betacam operation 

Status of Women PSAs (Third Eye Mind Ltd.)

Cinematography, betacam operation 

Arctic Winter Games (CBC)

Betacam operation


Wonderstruck (CBC)

Betacam operation


Flying (NWT Air)

DOP, film camera operation

Munhwa Broadcasting Corp., Korea

Betacam operation  

My Beautiful Wildlife

Film editing. Winner at Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival

Etsay’s Way (Tinsel Productions)

Film camera operation, 2nd unit   

Return Journey

Documenting Margo Kidder in Yellowknife. Betacam operation 



A Gathering in Denendeh

2nd unit camera operation. Received Special Jury Award at Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival



Colville Lake (CBC North)

Researcher, DOP, film camera operator