Video Categories


Halfway between a public service announcement and a documentary, these videos impart important knowledge on traditional culture, health & safety practices, municipal initiatives and more. 


These feature length films and videos bring the wonders of the Northwest Territories and beyond to audiences around the globe.


Ranging from company profiles to staff orientations, these videos will promote your organization externally and educate your team about important procedures and protocols.


For distributon on the web, DVD or for broadcast, these promotional videos are intended to persuade qualified workers to take an interest in your organization.

Pavilion Presentations

These ground-breaking audio-visual presentations are displayed in exhibits and expositions around the world.

Public Service Announcements

From notices about upcoming elections to health & safety campaigns, these 30 second commercials are intended to inform the public on important issues and are broadcast both locally and Canada-wide.


We are happy to lend out our skills, knowledge and equipment to your project in the form of videography & filming, narration recording, translation services and a range of post-produciton services such as video editing, DVD & Blu-ray authoring, video transfers and CD & DVD duplication.



Dr. Susanne Stewart, 2016

Water Sampling, 2016

Sharing Healthy Food, 2013

Elders in Motion, 2014